Red Box

Hunting the Drug Traffickers

Available 28th March, 2024

The story is based upon a live drug trafficking operation in the Home Counties.

What makes it unusual, however, is that, for probably the first time, it allows the reader to follow the events that unfold from, not only the perspective of the investigation team who are watching the main players, but from the suppliers themselves and the support network of analysts, intelligence teams and other specialist units that help build a picture of their activities.

The sole objective of an organised crime group is to make money for its members, at every level, whilst trying to reduce or remove any interference in their trade. They will try and protect themselves from competitors and law enforcement alike by putting into place measures that help them to identify new risks and disrupt fresh activity, but by doing so sometimes only succeed in highlighting their own criminality.

In this book the small team gather their intelligence by watching, following and patiently waiting for their prey in the dark wet streets of Reading, bustling cosmopolitan London and beautiful Cornwall, analysing and interpreting what they find, that will, with a bit of luck, bring success.

Red Box

Throughout his thirty-three year career as a detective, Will Strang worked tirelessly to combat the drugs trade in the UK and abroad.

Whilst young and when he still had a full head of hair he was an undercover operative infiltrating groups throughout the UK, that were engaged in the supply and distribution of controlled drugs, particularly heroin, cocaine, amphetamine (including derivatives) and LSD. He has driven many operations into the illicit trade, including manufacture within the UK and importation from abroad. In this role he has had contact with hundreds, if not thousands of people, at all levels, who had, or perhaps still are, embroiled in the supply network.

He acted as an advisor during the creation of Europol in The Hague and has lived and worked abroad, working with virtually every law enforcement agency in Europe and North America.